about Mayer:

I own all my shooting and editing gear.

A new HD professional camera as well as a fluid head tripod,  lighting kit and all necessary audio and peripherals are owned by Mayer. My camera is a JVC GY-700 and shoots all HD formats in .mov to SDHC cards.
I use a Manfrotto fluid head tripod, Lowell and Rifa lighting, Sennheiser and Audio Technica wired and wireless mics.

About My Work Attitude.

Responsible, reliable, good natured and very good to work with.  Committed to pleasing the client with great shots and audio. I come from 25 years in Network TV news production at CNN and FOX News. Reliable transportation, a great driving record as well a good GPS. I arrive on the early side of on-time to assignments. I am a trouble-shooting location specialist who always has a Leatherman tool on his belt and a roll of gaffer’s tape nearby. Good at holding the camera on his shoulder but knows when do put it on the tripod!

I Specialize in Business Web Commercials & Business Profile Mini Docs. When clients land on your homepage, they see a sleek video profiling you!

I have creatively shot/edited many of these in recent months for a wide variety of business and would be happy to send you links to view them.

Thank you!

Here are just some my clients:

Mayer Dubinsky


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